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Our Journey

Paradise Solutions was born in 2015, when we decided to create a true customer experience center here in El Salvador to not only serve existing travel customers in Mexico, but also to serve new customers in new locations as we seek to bring our affordable adventures and world-class customer service to more areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We have created amazing memories in a such amount of time, and continue creating new ones every day, both for our customers, and for ourselves. We are very lucky to have such an awesome team and look forward to many more adventures together for a long time to come.


To help our guests create unforgettable vacation memories through great value, wide selection, an organized, easy-to-use web interface and most of all world-class customer service.

We strive to provide our guests with exactly the kind of experience we most value in our own travels, and to introduce others to the many incredible adventures that have shaped our lives.


To share our passion for travel by creating exciting adventures and amazing vacation experiences throughout Paradise.


Here’s to the adventurous ones. The ones that can see excitement in their everyday life. The ones that are busy wandering in every idea, every moment, every opportunity. They push themselves to go further, never stay in the same phase. They often say yes when others say no. When detours come they embrace them and aim for great stories to tell. They are the ones that work as hard as they want to grow and are fearless in what turns on their soul. They are the ones that enjoy the journey and decide where they want to be: inside Paradise.

If Fun And Adventure Is What You're Looking For,
We May Be Looking For You!

Hello! My name is . I'm an outgoing, fun-loving team player who is passionate about work and life. My positive attitude, English level, skills, and experience are just what you need for I would love to join your team because and would also like you to know that You may contact me at and by phone at

Hi There! Thank you for your interest in joining our award-winning team! At the moment we are only hiring for candidates with an advanced or native English level. We encourage you to contact us again if you develop your English skills, and also to check back with us in the future as we may have great opportunities that do not require an advanced English level.